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ไฟ ศาริฟ
8 September 1984
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"hey manusia apa kau buat pat sini? aku tahu kau sibuk tengok-tengok. jangan tiru macam saya. bye!"

i am just a neurotic 25 year old asian girl of pure javanese heritage. im a sucker for almost anything thai. thai people, language, soap operas, dramas, movies, food, music and culture as well. be nice to me and i'll be twice an angel. step on me and i swear revenge. my idea of entertainment is to hang out at coffeeshops with the right company, smoke and drink kopi-o. or lie in bed and daydream about the next day. sorry, i'm a boring bitch. i also hate sports.

should you think i'm pretentious, then what are you? are you born a saint? i can be bitchy and i dont share a lot of sentiments or similarities with some girls here. sorry im just very cynical. if you get here by bloghopping and want to comment or add me, i'll be delighted to add you back but on one condition. please introduce yourself. its cooler that way.

some entries are locked for good.

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anime, anything good thai-related, ash, asian culture, asian men, asians, astreal, aswad bin asan, bangs, bass guitar, bikini kill, brit-pop, british sea power, camera obscura, cansei de ser sexy, cigarettes, cowboy shirts, crispian mills, da endorphine, depeche mode, duran duran, echobelly, elastica, electroclash, enon, excuse 17, feminism, foals, force vomit, franz ferdinand, free kitten, glam rock, hadouken, hentai, hot chip, hot hot heat, indie pop, indie rock, indonesia, interpol, javanese, javanese songs, jawa, joy division, kathleen hanna, kings of leon, klaxons, komeda, kula shaker, kulit sawo matang, ladytron, late of the pier, le shok, le tigre, lelaki kurus tinggi lampai, les savy fav, lightspeed champion, lunachicks, lush, m.i.a., mac cosmetics, mahasmut boonyaraksh, malaysia, manic street preachers, marmoset, mary janes, men in tightpants, modern dog, multiple orgasms, my bloody valentine, new order, new wave, palmy, pizzicato five, porno for pyros, pulp, quadrophenia, radiohead, rainer maria, retrospect, riot grrl, robert knepper, saliva bastards, scissor sisters, secretly canadian records, serenaide, shibuya-kei, shoegazer, siouxsie & the banshees, skinny men, sleater-kinney, slowdive, sonic youth, south east asia, stereolab, stoned revivals, stylish nonsense, synth-pop, t-bag, tabby cats, tahiti 80, thai songs, thailand, the 80's, the 90's, the jeevas, the peach band, thrift stores, van she, white rose movement, zwan, อพาร์ตเมนต์คุณป้า